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All package products manufactured by us are made of 100% recycled Polyethylen/Polypropylen and come from selected raw material suppliers. Additionaly we dispose of an own material preparation to be able to fulfill the required quality.
In the following we have listed the material features of the raw material Polyethylen and Polypropylen.

Packing items as our large assortment of plastic plugs are produced only of Polyethylen so that a stiffness by minor dosage tolerance can be guaranteed. In addition you will also find enough uv-stabilizer against sunlight in the recycled row materials.

The generation of stress-crack and the embrittlement of the plastic plug by low store temperature (from -20C) is reduced by using Polyethylen. Also a good resistance against acid and base is ensured.

Polyethylen PE-HD / PE-LD (only in german language)

Polypropylen PP (only in german language)

All plastics /Materials List/Abbreviations for Common Polymers (english language)


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