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New development: new in our program is the latest patented Nordplug plastic plug

As you well know the main problem in the industrie of common version-plastic plug, presswood or woodplugs is that until now they are stamped firmly into the cores and most of the time the problem of how to remove them after use arises.This is only possible with a lot of effort and as we have seen in the past out of carelessness or the use of wrong tools injuries may occur.
This new generation of Nordplug plastic plugs offers, compared to the conventional plugs, the advantage that it can be removed with simple means out of the cores. Therefore on the outer edge of the plastic plug little clearances where indicated, so that a screwdriver or something similar like a lever can be inserted into the plug. If the lever is lightly pressed against the core, the plastic plug can be pressed a few mm out of it. In doing so, it loses his tenseness and can than simply be taken out by hand.

This new method enables the simple separation of the cores from the plugs in your factory
aswell as for the end-user.
Due to the sparing separation of the core the new plastic plugs have a higher period of extension.
To enable you to test the advantage of our new plastic plugs, we would be very pleased to place samples to your disposal.

New in our delivery program:

Plasticplug for core 250 mm / 98,4 to 99,0 ‘’ Art-No. N250/252


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