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Welcome to the homepage of nordplug  injection moulding

For over 40 years our company has made itself a name as a leading manufacter for injection moulding parts\compounds of recycled plastics, to realise innovative conceptions of highest qualitiy standard fast and reliable.

A balance point of our production is the consequent realisation of packing goods, which we now produce out of recycled material. Our machinery has been designed to be able to produce small items aswell as extensive items of 8.200 g injection weight.

Basic requirement for it is our flexible production which assures for nearly all products immediate delivery ex store. Our reliability and high-quality have up to this day, contributed to our success.

We hope that our productive efficiency will also convince you.

Nordplug plastics was founded 1969 in Helsinki / Finland and worldwide the first manufacturer of plastic plugs for winding cores in large quantities which used recycled materials for production.

The greatest advantages to the untill then produced glued presswood cores, was for example low weight, dust-freeness and dampness resistiveness, which made the use in various industries possible.

Today our delivery programm comprises stable plastic plugs and roller blocks in many different implementations. The fabrication range of the standard programs for the corediameter is from 38 mm up to 305mm.

In 1974 a supplementary plant in Langen/Germany was started up to accomplish the needs of european customers.

In the year 2011 over 45 million plastic particles for the packing sector were manufactured out of aproximatly 1.000 t of recycled plastic material. Further new developments are in preparation, which will anticipate a positive trading volume.

From beginning of year 2022 there is 100% of our used electric energy from green energy. Additional we install a 144 kWp photovoltaic power system.

Nordplug is now to be found in Bad/Vilbel-Germany Frankfurt am Main where 2002 a new plant with extended capacity was built to accommodate the increasing demands of the European customers.